Trump’s Top 50 Infrastructure Priority List


Trump Team Compiles Infrastructure Priority List

According to documents obtained by McClatchy’s Kansas City Star and The News Tribune, President Trump’s team has compiled a list of 50 infrastructure projects totaling at least $137.5 billion as White House determines its investment priorities.

Letter states that there will be a more formal process for states to submit information and projects will ultimately be chosen through a more formal process as well. This preliminary list offers a first glimpse at which projects might get funding under Trump’s administration.

50 Projects:

  • Total investment: $137.5 billion
  • Private investment: 50%
  • Jobs: 193,350 direct job years; 241,700 indirect job years
  1. Gateway Program: reconstruction of Northeast corridor rail infrastructure between Newark and New York City; $12 billion; 15,000 direct jobs and 19,000 indirect jobs
  2. Brent Spence Bridge: Interstate highway bridge built in 1963 with no shoulders on the bridge and too narrow lanes, causing major delays on I-75 with numerous fatal auto accidents (Ohio and Kentucky DOT); $2.5 billion; 2,200 direct jobs
  3. National Research Lab for Infrastructure: R&D center to develop and commercialize infrastructure technology of the future (Columbus, Ohio); $2 billion; 2,300 direct jobs
  4. Locks and Dams 52 and 53 on Ohio River: Been in development for 30 years and addresses the choke point for all barge traffics on the Ohio/Mississippi Rivers; $3 billion; 1,500 direct jobs
  5. I-95 Critical Highway Repairs, North Carolina: one of the first sections of I-95 and one of the most critical highway repairs needed; $1.5 billion; 5,400 direct jobs
  6. 15 Bridges on I-95, Philadelphia: all 15 bridges are structurally deficient and need to be repaired or replaced; $8 billion; 15,800 direct jobs
  7. Mississippi River Shipping Channel Dredging, S. Louisiana: Depth is not sufficient to accommodate deep-draft vessels now transiting the expanded Panama Canal; $1 billion; 200 direct jobs
  8. NextGen Air Traffic Control System: Replacing outdated radar system with satellite system to increase air traffic capacity by 50%, shorten flight times, save billions in fuel and make system safer and more efficient; $10 billion; 2,300 direct jobs
  9. Plains and Eastern Electric Transmission Lines: 720-mile transmission line to move cheap, clean, wind power energy from Oklahoma panhandle to Tennessee; $2.5 billion; 3,300 direct jobs
  10. Project Clean Lake, Cleveland: 7 new water tunnels to provide relief to Cleveland’s antiquated system; $3 billion; 2,150 direct jobs
  11. South Carolina Dams Accelerated Repairs: Heavy rains breached 50 dams (assessed over 600 dams as either high or significant hazards); $850 million; 2,200 direct jobs
  12. Hydroelectric Plants operated by US Army Corps of Engineers: Power plants operating at 80% efficiency relative to 99% industry average; $4 billion; 550 direct jobs
  13. Texas Central Railway: 50,000 Texans travel back and forth between Dallas and Houston more than once a week; approximately 240-mile high-speed rail line to offer travel time of less than 90 minutes; $12 billion; 40,000 direct jobs
  14. Cotton Belt Line Rail Project: 67.7-mile commuter rail line servicing from Dallas to Fort Worth; $1.1 billion; 2,000 direct jobs
  15. Cadiz Water Conveyance Project: To capture and conserve billions of gallons of renewable native groundwater flowing in California’s Mojave Desert; $250 million; 5,900 direct jobs
  16. TransWest Express Transmission: High-voltage, direct current electric transmission system from Wyoming to Desert Southwest region; $3 billion; 3,000 direct jobs and 4,000 indirect jobs
  17. Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy/Wyoming: Up-to-1,000-turbine wind farm to be located in Wyoming; $5 billion; 1,000 direct jobs
  18. Second Avenue Subway – Phases 2&3: NYC’s major expansion of the subway system along the length of Manhattan’s East Side; $14.2 billion; 16,000 direct jobs
  19. Savannah Harbor Expansion Acceleration: Deepen the 18.5-mile outer harbor to 49 feet at mean low water and the Savaannah River channel to 47 feet; $706 million; 2,400 direct jobs and 11,000 indirect jobs
  20. Atlantic Coast Pipeline: natural gas pipeline that will serve multiple public utilities in Virginia and North Carolina; $4.5-5.0 billion; 10,000 direct job years
  21. Champlain Hudson Power Express: 1,000MW of clean, renewable power to the New York metro area; $2.2 billion; 1,000 direct job years
  22. DC Union Station Expansion & Rehab: Modernization of Union Station including surrounding rail infrastructure; $8.7 billion; 16,000 direct job years
  23. Maryland Purple Line: 16-mile light rail line extending from Bethesda to New Carrollton; $5.6 billion; 5,000 direct job years
  24. M-1 Rail, Detroit: First major transit project being led and funded by both private businesses and philanthropic organizations; $528 million; 500 direct job years
  25. Gordie Howe International Bridge: Connecting Interstates 75 and 94 in Michigan with the newly built Herb Gray Parkway connection in Ontario; $4.5 billion; 13,000 direct job years; 10,000 indirect job
  26. Kansas City Airport: Case for a new terminal bolstered after Southwest and other airlines said they would finance the new terminal; $972 million; 1,000 direct jobs
  27. The Peace Bridge: International border crossing, carrying vehicular and pedestrian traffic across upper Niagara River and Buffalo, New York; $700 million; 700 direct jobs
  28. MBTA Green Line Extension, Boston: 4.3-mile extension to improve mobility and regional access for residents in densely populated municipalities; $3 billion; 3,000 direct jobs
  29. Augustin Plains Ranch: Eco-friendly project that produces its own power for operation through hydropower and solar energy to source water for New Mexicans; $600 million; 600 direct jobs
  30. I-93 Rebuild, New Hampshire: Widening of 20 mile segment of I-93 from the Massachusetts Stateline to Manchester, NH; $800 million; 800 direct jobs
  31. Lake Pontchartrain Bridge/Causeway: Spans 24 miles and is the longest bridge over water in the world (New Orleans); $125 million; 200 direct jobs
  32. Port Newark Container Terminal Improvements: Expansion before 2030 which is expected to double the number of containers moving through the terminal; $500 million; 500 direct jobs
  33. Howard Street Tunnel: Height restrictions prevent the shipment of double-stacked intermodal containers by rail to and from the Port of Baltimore; $425 million; 500 direct jobs and 3,200 indirect jobs
  34. Red and Purple Line Modernization, Chicago: Rebuild the nearly century old North Red Line and Purple Line; $2.1 billion; 2,100 direct jobs
  35. I-395/I-95 Reconstruction: I-395 reconstruction and I-95 pavement reconstruction projects (Florida); $800 million; 800 direct jobs
  36. Chicago Union Station Redevelopment: Redevelopment of third-busiest railroad terminal in the US; $1 billion; 1,000 direct jobs
  37. Upper Mississippi Locks 20-25: Maintenance needs surpassed annual operations and maintenance funding; $1.8 billion; 1,800 direct jobs
  38. Illinois River Locks – Lagrange and Peoria: Rehabilitation Evaluation Report was approved in August 2015; three lock closures will be required with two of the three closures involving lock dewatering; $640 million; 650 direct jobs
  39. Colorado I-70 Mountain Corridor: Upgrade 13 miles of eastbound I-70; $1 billion; 1,000 direct jobs
  40. Colorado I-25 Improvements: Widening I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock; $1 billion; 1,000 direct jobs
  41. IHNC Lock Replacement, New Orleans: Replacement lock could provide a nearly three-fold increase in lock chamber capacity; $893 million; 900 direct jobs
  42. Chickamauga Lock: New lock will replace existing lock, improve locking efficiency, and solve the structural issues caused by the concrete aggregate; $383 million; 400 direct jobs
  43. Soo Locks Reconstruction: Unscheduled 6-month outage of Poe Lock could increase unemployment by 18 to 22 percent in the Great Lakes; on the flip side, building a new lock would generate 15,000 jobs in the eastern U.P.; $580 million; 600 direct jobs
  44. Huntington Beach Desalination Plant: Environmentally sensitive solution to provide a safe and reliable water supply to Orange County residents; $350 million; 400 direct jobs
  45. Upper Ohio Navigation Improvements: Facilities have the oldest and small lock chambers in the entire Ohio River Navigation System; $1.7 billion; 1,700 direct jobs
  46. Monongahela River Locks-and-Dams: Two lock chambers and a gated dam to permit increased control over the water level; $900 million; 900 direct jobs
  47. Seattle Airport Expansion: Development to meet the needs of the traveling public; $2 billion; 2,000 direct jobs
  48. Arlington Memorial Bridge: Reached the end of design life and requires extensive rehabilitation to include full replacement of its center span; $250 million; 300 direct jobs
  49. Energy Storage and Grid Modernization: Fearing blackouts, California Public Utilities Commission has mandated a series of mitigation measures, including an expedited procurement for local energy storage resources; cost and employment impact variable
  50. St. Louis Airport: Major development to be a catalyst for international cargo activity and jobs; $1.8 billion; 1,800 direct jobs
Source: McClatchyDC
Image Source: AP

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