March 14, 2017


The Best Acquisitions Are Not All In The Permian: A Comparison Of 4 US Deals [OIL & GAS 360]

Charlie Munger’s Most Important Concept (Takeaways From The DJCO Meeting) [BASE HIT INVESTING]

Book Review: There’s Always Something To Do [The Rational Walk]

The Facts Are True, The News Is Fake [MEDIUM]

One Piece At A Time – US Crude Oil Prices, Inventories And The Supply/Demand Balance [RBN ENERGY]

Bill Ackman Is Done Losing Money On Valeant [BLOOMBERG]

“Trump-O-Nomics” – An Exploration Of The Proposals [MAULDIN ECONOMICS]

Why Elon Musk’s Offer Of Tesla Batteries Won’t Solve Australia’s Power Problems [FORTUNE]

Here’s Why The Majority Of Hedge Funds May Never Be Able To Beat The Market Again [CNBC]


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