The Richest Person in Every State


Forbes – Meet the Richest Person in Every State, June 21, 2017

Alaska: Leonard Hyde, Jonathan Rubini & Families (Self-made): Real Estate (JL Properties); $340M net worth each

Vermont: John Abele (Self-made): Health care (Boston Scientific); $625M

Alabama: Jimmy Rane (Self-made): Lumber (Great Southern Wood); $700M

New Mexico: Mack C. Chase (Self-made): Oil; $700M

Delaware: Robert Gore & Elizabeth Snyder (Inherited and growing): Gore-Tex; $720M

Mississippi: Leslie Lampton (Self-made): Oil Refining, Chemicals (Ergon); $760M

North Dakota: Gary Tharaldson (Self-made): Hotels (Tharaldson Companies); $900M

New Hampshire: Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli (Inherited): Consumer Goods (JAB Holding Company); $1.1B

Utah: Gail Miller (Self-made): Utah Jazz, Car Dealers (Larry H. Miller Group of Companies); $1.2B

Maine: Susan Alfond (Inherited): Shoes (Dexter Shoe Company); $1.4B

West Virginia: Jim Justice (Inherited and growing): Coal (Bluestone); $1.6B

Idaho: Frank VanderSloot (Self-made): Nutrition & Wellness Products (Melaleuca); $1.9B

Rhode Island: Jonathan Nelson (Self-made): Private Equity (Providence Equity); $2B

South Dakota: T. Denny Sanford (Self-made): Banking, Credit Cards (First PREMIER Bank); $2.1B

Louisiana: Tom Benson & Family (Self-made): New Orleans Saints; $2.6B

Kentucky: B. Wayne Hughes (Self-made): Self Storage (Public Storage); $2.7B

South Carolina: Anita Zucker (Inherited and growing): Chemicals (Hudson’s Bay Company); $3B

Iowa: Harry Stine (Self-made): Agriculture (Stine Seed); $3.3B

Pennsylvania: Mary Alice Dorrance Malone (Inherited): Campbell’s Soup; $3.8B

Minnesota: Whitney MacMillan (Inherited): Cargill; $5.4B

Maryland: Ted Lerner (Self-made): Real Estate (Lerner Enterprises); $5.8B

Montana: Dennis Washington (Self-made): Construction, Mining (Washington Companies); $5.9B

Michigan: Daniel Gilbert (Self-made): Quicken Loans; $5.9B

Arizona: Bruce Halle (Self-made): Tires (Discount Tire); $6B

Ohio: Les Wexner & Family (Self-made): Retail (L Brands); $6.2B

Missouri: Stanley Kroenke (Self-made): Sports, Real Estate (Kroenke Group); $7.5B

Illinois: Ken Griffin (Self-made): Hedge Funds (Citadel); $8B

Indiana: Carl Cook (Inherited): Medical Devices (Cook Group); $8B

Tennessee: Thomas Frist Jr. & Family (Self-made): Health care (Hospital Corporation of America); $8.8B

Hawaii: Pierre Omidyar (Self-made): eBay; $8.9B

North Carolina: James Goodnight (Self-made): Software (SAS Institute); $10.1B

Oklahoma: Harold Hamm (Self-made): Oil and Gas (Continental Resources); $10.2B

Wisconsin: John Menard Jr. (Self-made): Home Improvement Stores (Menards); $10.9B

New Jersey: Donald Newhouse (Inherited and growing): Media (Advance Publications); $12B

Georgia: Jim Kennedy (Inherited and growing): Media (Cox Enterprises); $12.6B

Florida: Thomas Peterffy (Self-made): Discount Brokerage (Interactive Brokers Group); $13.2B

Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson (Inherited and growing): Money Management (Fidelity Investments); $14.9B

Connecticut: Ray Dalio (Self-made): Hedge Funds (Bridgewater); $16.8B

Colorado: Charles Ergen (Self-made): Satellite TV (Dish Network); $18.8B

Oregon: Phil Knight & Family (Self-made): Nike; $25.1B

Wyoming: John Mars (Inherited): Candy (Mars, Inc); $27.6B

Virginia: Jacqueline Mars (Inherited): Candy (Mars, Inc); $27.6B

Nevada: Sheldon Adelson (Self-made): Casinos (Las Vegas Sands); $35.6B

Texas: Alice Walton (Inherited): Walmart; $38.2B

Arkansas: Jim Walton (Inherited): Walmart; $38.5B

Kansas: Charles Koch (Inherited and growing): Diversified (Koch Industries); $47.5B

New York: Michael Bloomberg (Self-made): Bloomberg LP; $50.7B

California: Mark Zuckerberg (Self-made): Facebook; $62.4B

Nebraska: Warren Buffett (Self-made): Berkshire Hathaway; $76.2B

Washington: Bill Gates (Self-made): Microsoft; $88.9B

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Image Source: Bateman Group

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