Market Cheat Sheet Jan. 12, 2019

“An ESL spokesman said in a statement Friday that through an affiliate, Transform Holdco LLC, the firm submitted an offer for roughly 425 Sears stores, for a total value of $4.4 billion… The bid includes a $1.3 billion financing commitment from three financial institutions, ESL said. The banks that agreed to extend the maturity on […]

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Market Cheat Sheet Oct. 18, 2018

Track the Markets: Winners and Losers; Compare the performance of selected global stock indexes, bond ETFs, currencies and commodities (YTD and Current Quarter) – WSJ “Current stretch of European underperformance is unprecedented both in length and magnitude; earnings recovery is coming back very strongly and Europe’s operational leverage is vastly underappreciated; discount to the US […]

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Market Cheat Sheet Sept. 4, 2018

“YTD August 31, 2018, undisrupted champion of global equities is the NASDAQ, up 17.47% and S&P is a distant second, up 8.52%. Since 2014, USD is up 20+%. 5-yr interest swap at 2.877% and 10-yr at 2.9035%” – Jefferies “The forty year period before 1982 experienced a bear market during which the 10-year bond yield […]

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