Hedge Fund Activism: Staying Out of Activist Cross Hairs

Understanding the Big Picture: The Emergence of Activism Over the last decade, activist hedge funds increasingly started to populate the US investing scene With the scale of assets under their management and their willingness to shake things up, institutional investors have been quick to ride their coattails Activists will often look for a company’s weakness […]

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Market Cheat Sheet Sept. 4, 2018

“YTD August 31, 2018, undisrupted champion of global equities is the NASDAQ, up 17.47% and S&P is a distant second, up 8.52%. Since 2014, USD is up 20+%. 5-yr interest swap at 2.877% and 10-yr at 2.9035%” – Jefferies “The forty year period before 1982 experienced a bear market during which the 10-year bond yield […]

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